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​​​The technical challenges being addressed by the OMSoP project are divided into 3 Work Packages:

WP1 System Component Development

There are two main tasks for the WP1. The first is to develop and separately test the components for a demonstration system in the range of up to 10kWe. The micro gas turbine will be based on improvements to an existing system developed by Compower. Development and testing will be conducted at City University London. KTH will develop and test a receiver in their Solar Lab while INNOVA will develop a solar concentrator based on their solar dish-Sterling technology. The second task is to use the acquired knowledge to develop components for an optimised microturbine solar dish system for the power range up to 30kWe for future testing and deployment. 

WP2 System design and integration

This WP has two main tasks. The first is to integrate the system demonstration components developed in WP1 and perform the tests for the overall system. Data obtained will be used to inform the optimised system design which is the subject of the second task. The second task will coordinate the development of the optimised system components from WP1 and the techno-economic information from WP3 to produce a final design for an optimum system for future testing and deployment.

WP3 Techno-Economic analysis

Thermodynamic and mechanical models of the system and its components will be developed and used for the analysis and design of both the demonstration system and optimised system in WP2. Further insight into future deployment will be gained by investigating concepts such as medium and long-term storage, hybridisation with other fuels and MGT power augmentation concepts. Market and cost analyses will also be performed in addition to uncertainty, sensitivity and risk studies. The above will provide crucial information to system and component development and will also provide insight into potential future deployment. Finally, a life cycle assessment will be performed to evaluate the environmental aspects and potential impact associated to the solar system. β€‹