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​OMSoP Final Meeting - 27-28 July - Casaccia, ​Rome

15 July 2017

IMG_20170712_154750.jpg​The OMSoP final meeting will be hold in Rome on 27-28 July 2017. During the two days meeting, the OMSoP team will run the micro gas turbine with the concentrated solar power dish. 


OMSoP system - Assembly at ENEA's facilities

1 July 2017

IMG_20170511_113932.jpg​ENEA started the assembly of the OMSoP system's components. The system will be tested during the month of July 2017.


Experimental Campaign of Solar Dish at ENEA's facilities

30 October 2015

20151103_101347.jpg​ENEA started the experimental campaign for the dish. The electrical and electronical connections of the system to the grid have been installed and the whole system is now linked to the grid.

EU-China meeting

3-4 June 2015

EU-China meeting.png​During the EU China meeting on Concentrated Solar Power that took place in London on 3-4 June, the OMSoP consortium and the DSCSP (Dish Stirling solar thermal power generation technology) consortium from China, signed a cooperation agreement with the purpose to initiate related collaborative activities among the above parties which can contribute to a development of Solar Dish system technology with reliable and low cost operation.

Solar Dish Installation at ENEA's facilities

30 April 2015

Installation (5).JPG​The solar dish has been installed at ENEA in April 2015 and characterisation has commenced.

Turbine test rig assembly at City's facilities

28 February 2015

Square scroll 2a[3].JPG​Turbine test rig components at City are completed and the high pressure air supply is now operational. A sectional view if the rig is shown in the picture.