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The Energy and Transport (ET) research centre comprises those areas of research focussed upon improving the efficiency of transportation, compression and energy-generation processes. The ET centre is formed from the following groups:  Energy Systems & Engines, Aeronautics & Air Transport,  Positive Displacement Compressors and Computational Fluid Dynamics.

In the OMSoP Project, City, University of London​​​ will act as scientific coordinator and will lea the micro gas turbine desgin and testing. They will also participate in system modelling, integration and demonstration. 

​​​University Roma Tre is the second largest University in Rome. About 36000 students are enrolled in eight Departments covering humanistic, scientific and technical fields.

In the OMSoP project, the Research Group of Fluid Machinery and Energy Conversion Systems is involved in the design of advanced solar receivers integrated with short-term storage systems, in the system analysis and plant techno-economic optimization.


​​The Italian National Agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development is a public undertaking operating in the fields of energy, environment and new technologies to support competitiveness and sustainable development.

In the OMSoP project, ENEA will be involved as WP2 leader, where, in collaboration with other partners, will deal with modeling and simulations of solar unit and will contribute to the design of the integrated system. ENEA will conceive and study the plant layout in order to define the best option in terms of overall thermal efficiency and cost. ENEA will be involved in the realization of the demonstration plant, which will be assembled at ENEA Casaccia Research Center in Rome with the main objective of demonstrating the system full functionality and controllability.

Innova.jpgInnova is specialized in the fields of solar concentration and of conversion of heat into power through efficient methods.

In the OMSoP project, INNOVA will be responsible for the design and build of the solar dish

​Compowers mission is to develop, manufacture and sell microturbines in the power range below 30 kW. It has among other things designed and built a  5 kW system which is now being tested.

In the OMSoP project, Compower will primarily work with development of the microturbine for the demonstrator and with  the microturbine aspects in the techno -  economic analyses and optimization. Compower will also be engaged in the market analysis work.​
The division of Heat and Power Technology (HPT) at the Royal Institute of Technology, conducts research in the field of poly-generation (combined production of electricity, heat, cooling, clean water, fuel, etc.), stationary flows and aeroelasticity of turbo machinery, concentration solar power and use of biofuels in gas turbine cycles (gasification and combustion technologies).

In the OMSoP project, HPT will develop high temperature solar receivers that will be tested and validated in the division's high-flux solar simulator together with the micro-turbine.​


In the OMSoP Project, ​The university of Seville will develop the market and cost analysis of the OMSoP generator in order to make it cost-competitive and to identify the potential niche markets in which the system is likely to have a significant impact on the power generation sector

ETN is a non-profit association bringing together the entire value chain of the gas turbine technology community in Europe. Through the co-operative efforts of our members, ETN facilitates gas turbine research and technology development, promoting environmentally friendly gas turbine technology with reliable and low cost operation. 

In the OMSoP project, ETN will be responsible for the dissemination of the project results.